EOSolutions provides full services for air quality consulting and can fulfill needs at the corporate level down to a single facility basis. Staff at EOSolutions has a wealth of experience understanding the operations and environmental regulations that lead to successful execution of permitting projects and environmental solutions that fit. We know the importance of building strong relationships with not only the client’s environmental department, but also field and plant personnel to achieve effective environmental compliance. We know how to work creatively with operations to effectively obtain necessary environmental data through the easiest and least invasive means possible. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make it easy on our client and operations while being effective at explaining the relevance of maintaining data to ensure ongoing compliance.

Air Permitting

Our team is well versed in New Source Review permitting, with extensive knowledge of Texas’s O&G Standard Permits, PBRs and non-rule permits and Title V. We address air quality issues and help facilities streamline their processes. EOSolutions ensures your plant operates in a manner which avoids penalties and down-time. Services include:

  • New Source Review (NSR) permit applications
  • Federal NSR Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and nonattainment permit applications
  • Permit by Rule (PBR) and standard permit registrations
  • Federal operating permit (Title V) applications
  • Texas Oil & Gas permits
  • Permitting strategies

Regulatory Programs

EOSolutions personnel have vast plant experience and can be of great value in helping sites determine appropriate applicability to their operations. We spend the time and resources to determine accurate, customized solutions based on the latest laws and regulations.

Regulatory Audits

We conduct environmental system audits for an organization or site’s practices against environmental requirements. Our consultants help identify key concerns and any unforeseen issues to avoid noncompliant situations.

Recordkeeping & Reporting

The EOSolutions project management staff are experts at gathering data from sites, helping sites and plants understand the data they need, and how to maintain it. We analyze the data accordingly and complete the various Federal and State regulatory reports for Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Refining.

Emission Estimations

We perform on-site emissions evaluations to help clients monitor and test their operations, ensuring compliance. Services include:

  • Air dispersion modeling
  • Maintenance, Startup & Shutdown (MSS) activities
  • Coordinate sampling / stack-testing
  • Greenhouse gas calculating and reporting
  • Air emission inventories
  • Emissions Cap and Trade Program

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