Based in Houston, TX, Environmental Operational Solutions specializes in traditional environmental consulting, and services a wide-range of industrial clients. We provide customized, practical solutions for both sides of the problem – environmental and operational. We are expert problem solvers that help our clients’ bottom lines. This company was founded based on the growing need for oil & gas companies to maintain compliance and improve operational efficiency. As a total solutions provider, we perform thorough research & analysis and work hand-in-hand with our clients to design a solution that fits their needs and ensures success. We have a personal touch and our responsive staff believes in earning clients’ trust. We don’t disappear after a job is complete – we’re reliable consultants that continue to monitor your issues and build strong relationships.


Elena Lancione Hofmann, President

Company founder and president Elena Hofmann has over 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting fields, which includes extensive experience in Environmental and Operational Leadership roles, with a broad background in environmental permitting and compliance programs for the olefins and chemical industries and oil and gas industry. Her areas of technical expertise include a strong knowledge of air quality regulations, air permitting (PSD, NNSR, NSR, Std Pmts, PBRs & Title V), emissions rate estimation, compliance program development and implementation (NSPS OOOO, KKK, LLL, JJJJ, RICE MACT, EMACT, MON, Benzene Waste NESHAP, HON, HRVOC, NOx, etc.), report preparation, regulatory interpretation, enforcement, auditing, and training.

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